In accordance with the SummerGlen Rules and Regulations X Sec. 1 which states:
“All persons intending to reside in a SummerGlen home shall complete a SummerGlen Application For Residency and obtain approval from the SummerGlen Owners’ Association prior to establishing residency in the community. This rule shall apply to all person purchasing new or resale homes at SummerGlen, renting or leasing homes at SummerGlen, or moving into a SummerGlen home under any other circumstances.”

Rule that states that new homeowners could be held responsible for a prior owners assessments. You can find the language in FS 720.3085(2)(b) which states:
“(b) A parcel owner is jointly and severally liable with the previous parcel owner for all unpaid assessments that came due up to the time of transfer of title. This liability is without prejudice to any right the present parcel owner may have to recover any amounts paid by the present owner from the previous owner.”

If you are unsure about this, I suggest you contact an attorney you may work with and ask them how this effects the transfer of property and the possibility of a lien action on a new owner.


1)  Seller MUST notify the HOA office as soon as you have a contract on your home.

2)  Seller MUST provide Buyer with a copy of the HO Association DOCs prior to closing

3)  Buyer has 3 days from receipt of the HO Association documents to review and exercise their right of recision if necessary

4)  Buyer MUST complete an application - currently from Sales Office

5)  Buyer MUST obtain a "Certificate of Assessment" from HOA

6)  RV Lots are NOT transferable.

7)  Seller MUST be sure to advise Buyer of Postal Mailbox Number (these are not same as lot numbers)

8)  Seller must notify PRO Shop of Equity Membership transfers (if applicable)