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Vision: When you purchase a house you work hard to make it your home . ( House-2-Home ) When it comes time to move/sell, the process works in reverse by turning your home back into a house preparing to get your home ready for market. ( Home-2-House )  

This is what staging is all about . Whether you are moving on to a new location, moving back home to live with family, moving into an assistant living facility or perhaps handling an estate.

Mission Statement: I will use care and compassion while going through this process with my clients . Each project will be given the upmost attention to detail and always have respect and consideration for the homeowner’s personal possessions.

  • Arrange for pick of unwanted items – Donate to charity of your choice
  • Assistance with selling of unwanted items
  • Arrange Estate Sale if applicable
  • Arrange Professional photography of home once listed with SSRE

Cost: $125 per hour (3 Hour Minimum)

Staff: 3 Team Members per project

Services NOT included for which you can shop for:

  • Cleaning: Separate Fee but can assist in coordinating
  • Packing Materials are the responsibility of Homeowner – Must be purchased prior to staging

Business Model

= 100% Satisfaction

“Depersonalizing” is the most important step in selling your home. Since you’ve made the decision to move, you need to commit yourself and remove your identity from the house. You need to let go emotionally, and this can be a tough process. Focus on turning your home into a “model home” by disconnecting yourself from your house, you enable prospective buyers to emotionally connect and envision themselves living there – and not feel as if they are guests in your home.

Buyers want to fulfill a wish list, not a to-do list. When they see a bunch of fix-up projects when walking into your house, they’ll turn away faster that you can say “water damage”. Often times its not one big thing, but a lot of little things that turn buyers away. If there are problems and a significant to-do list, your house will drop to the bottom if their list, or attract an offer much less than what you’re looking for. Present buyers with a complete package that is move in ready – a home they can be comfortable and happy in.

Take an objective look at your house to determine what updates and repairs are necessary. Establish a timeline and budget to determine what needs to be completed to improve the overall presentation of your home. Buyers today are looking to purchase a home that does not require work. They are also willing to pay more for a house that does not require work. They are also willing to pay more for house that has been taken care of, so show them that your home is in turn-key condition.

Consider having your home inspected before you list it. In doing this, you will learn if there are any major repairs needed and can address them before the house goes one the market. Once the inspection is completed you will be able to determine the next steps in preparing your home for sale.

Your house needs to be neat, clean and orderly in preparing it for sale. Organizing and pre-packing items that are not regularly used will create a spacious feeling. Storage is one of the top items on a buyers list; therefore it is necessary to show that your home has the space desired.

Flooring is very important in preparing your home for sale. Buyers want a home that is move in ready, and the flooring will reveal home well the home has been maintained. Up-to-date flooring is one of the most attractive features for buyers.

The exterior says a lot about how your home is maintained both inside and out. It creates a lasting impression when buyers drive by your home or view photos online, so show them that your property is well cared for. When buyers see an attractive exterior, they will be excited to view the interior as well.

Buyers want to purchase a home that is move in ready, and this includes the paint color. If your house is painted in a very bright or unusual colors, potential buyers may be turned off or feel they can negotiate on your asking price. Neutral colors are restful to the eye, and most buyers want to live in the home awhile before deciding if they want to change the paint color.

Proper furniture placement helps present a room to its full potential. Keep in mind the traffic flow and how the buyers will walk through each room. Lightning is also a key factor. Turn on all lights for pictures and showings. When your furniture and lightning are property placed, you show off the prime features and allow buyers to see the specific function of each room.